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Integrator of innovative solutions for medicine

Synektik Group's activity

Our business

The Synektik Group is an innovative integrator of medical solutions for oncology, cardiology and neurology, which brings to Poland and consumerizes the newest technologies on the Polish market.

The Synektik Group is a leading supplier of innovative products, services and IT solutions for surgery, diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine. We sell medical equipment, develop IT solutions used in radiology, and operate a research laboratory for diagnostics imaging systems and a service centre for medical equipment. The company is also the first commercial manufacturer of radiopharmaceuticals used in diagnostics for oncology (PET) in Poland.

The Synektik Group operates three radiopharmaceutical manufacturing plants located in Mszczonów, at Świętokrzyskie Oncology Centre in Kielce and at the Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw. Moreover, Synektik operates its own Research and Development Centre working on radioactive tracers for oncology, cardiology and neurology.

Synektik Group is present in the following segments:

  • Sale of medical equipment used in diagnostics and therapy, and nuclear medicine, development of IT solutions
  • Maintenance services for medical equipment as well as acceptance and specialist tests
  • Radiopharmaceutical production

Synektik also conducts research into new radiopharmaceuticals at the R&D Centre and develops its own Clinical Trial Centre.

Company's mission

Human life and health as a priority for Synektik

Our company fulfills its mission by providing medical facilities of the highest quality products, services and solutions to medical care for human health and life.

Company's vision

Stability and innovation

We want to be seen as a constant partner and a leading provider of innovative products, services and high technology solutions that help healthcare providers improve their performance, improve reliability and productivity.